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4 x 4 + T15 + BPH 18.1 +BPH 18.2

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         System Overview

          The 4x4 system was created by the "Sava Pro" rental company with the idea of being compact, but with a really high SPL (150dB per side) sound reinforcement solution.

          The 4x4 top combines the principles of the "line-array" and "point-source" in one box, and contains 4 pcs. of 8"(carbon fiber) high excursion horn-loaded woofer for the LF range and 4 pcs. of 1"(annular diaphragm) compression drivers with isophasique (planar) plugs for long throw HF range (90°x15°). Two of the 8" woofers are coaxial and provide additional short throw HF coverage (140°x60°).  The SPL max=146dB is equivalent to that of 6 line-array cabinets (2x8").

          Two axial fans mounted in the rear vented chamber ensure forced heat dissipation and long term reliability even in the hottest festival days.

The enlargement of the system is done by adding extra pcs. of 4x4 one upon the other (vertical scaling).  The change of the vertical angle can be done with a simple 4° pads. For both horizontal and vertical scaling, the user can add the T15 top.

          The T15 is the additive full-range top for the system. Thanks to its asymmetric design, the combination of T15L + 4x4 + T15R provides a 135° horizontal coverage (long throw) with minimized interference. It also adds a 15" "signature", like in the large format line-arrays. This combination, scaled on 4 levels (12 tops + 12 BPH18 subs per side), was the main sound system for the concert of THE PRODIGY at the stadium in Burgas in the summer of 2016. The final result was impressive and the sound engineer of the band was smiling (thumbs-up!).


         The BPH18.1 is the main sub in the 4x4 system and serves as a transport case for the second sub BPH18.2, which is in turn a transport case for the 4x4 top. A real 3 in 1 "Matryoshka".


          The two subs are dual chamber serial band-pass woofers and use the neodymium 18" cone driver with the biggest X max=+/-23mm (Peak=10kW). The two subs have a SPL max (150dB), which is equivalent to the SPL max of 4 to 12 conventional 18"-21" subwoofers.

          Third in the subwoofer range is the BP18, a compact version of the bigger BPH18 and has the same dimensions as the 4x4 and T15 tops.