In 1997, PIP Electronics Ltd. created a company based on three simple principals:

Quality, excellent craftsmanship and unsurpassed customer service.

By adhering to these principals, PIP Electronics Ltd. has grown from a small factory into an internationally known company.

 PIP Electronics Ltd. specialized in manufacturing of sound systems for home and professional sound systems. We develop and offer wide range of speaker modification, regarding to the costumers requirements. We have modern equipped factory, spread on more than 1500m2. Audio Enhancers utilizes the latest technology in the wood working industry. CAD / CAM / CNC.

Our team are high educated and our specialists develop and implement new and advanced models, which answers to the market needs. Our abilities give us a possibility to be dynamic and ready to qualify various requirements and take many new decisions.

 We are an employee and customer driven organization. We believe that the two go hand in hand. Without employees who genuinely care, we couldn't produce the quality products our customers have come to expect.

 Our company is willing to provide OEM and ODM products for customers at home and abroad.

 Our mission to our customer is:

To provide you with the highest value for your money at reasonable pricing. We pledge to stay attentive to our customer needs by listening as well as responding. We promise all this while we continue to offer the largest selection and latest models available. Our goal is to excel in customer service and exceed our customer’s expectations.

 Our mission to our employees is:

To help develop a high quality employee by providing proper training, a comfortable work place, great benefits. It is our desire for our employees to share in the ownership of the company. With that level of commitment, company growth is in partnership with employee personal growth and pride.